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Welcome to the Mental Health Association of San Mateo County Website.
Celebrating 53 years of Service in San Mateo County

The Mental Health Association (MHA) of San Mateo County has been actively involved in establishing programs, forming collaborative partnerships, and improving mental health services in the community for the past 54 years.  From the establishment of a child guidance clinic in the 1940's to the opening of the first halfway house in San Mateo County in the late 1950's, MHA has continued to change with the times.  In 1970 MHA opened its first Friendship
Center Program providing social and recreational activities for persons with mental illnesses who were returning to the community from state hospitals.   Today the program operates 5 days per week in several cities throughout the County.  In 1986, MHA purchased property in Redwood City for the first year-round emergency shelter program for homeless persons with mental illness. During the past 10 years the organization has added a transitional housing program to the Spring Street property and purchased additional real estate for permanent housing and young adult and youth-at-risk programs.

Mission Statement

   To increase the mental well-being of individuals and their families by advocating for the maintenance and improvement of existing mental health services and development of new programs to meet identified needs.
   To provide direct services that may include housing, food, social programs, advocacy, and networking that will contribute to mentally disabled individuals' stability within the community.
   To increase community acceptance of those who are mentally disabled and to reduce stigma by promoting greater understanding of the illness, through public forums, conferences, newsletters, and educational materials.

Current Programs

"Rules for acceptance and participation in the programs of the Mental Health Association of San Mateo County are the same for everyone without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender, or disability."

   Collaborative Housing Programs with CAMINAR/CLC  
    Young Adult(YAIL) Program
   Emergency Shelter
    Spring Street Shelter
   HIV/AIDS Financial Assistance
    Housing Assistance Program for People with HIV/AIDS
   Occupational Therapy
    Community Housing Independent Skills (CHRIS) Program
   Peer Counseling
    Peer Counseling
   Permanent Housing
    Permanent Housing
   Social Recreation
    Friendship Center Program
    Community Friends
   Subsidized Independent Living
    Shelter Plus Care Program
   Transitional Housing
    Transitional Housing
   Young Adult Program
    Support & Advocacy for Young Adults in Transition (SAYAT)
   Information and Referral
    Information and Referral
   Community Education and Organization
    Community Education and Organization

Board of Directors

Carol Ann Casner

Vice President
Ernie Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Patricia L. Griffin, Ph.D.

Priscilla Andrews
Susan J. Bardet
James R. Kaspar
Margaret Morgan
Steve Tulkin, Ph.D.
Katherine Weber
Wilma White

Lois Fuller
Marian Hilpisch
Max Moye, Jr.
Mrs. B.B. Stern

Community Service League 24th Annual Kitchen Tour Friday, May 12, 2000 9:30-3:30p.m.
Funding Sources

The Mental Health Association (MHA) of San Mateo County is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, 501 (c) (3) agency.  Contributions to the MHA are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

   Community Service League

The Mental Health Association (MHA) of San Mateo County is very honored to have the generous support and dedication of the Community Service League (CSL); the largest privade contributor to the MHA and the Crisis Intervention and Suicide
Prevention Center (Crisis Center) of San Mateo County.  Through many hours of hard work and planning, CSL has been able to sponsor an annual Kitchen Tour of selected homes in Hillsborough and San Mateo Park as a benefit fundraiser for the two agencies.  This popular event, now celebrating over 20 years of success, has gained a reputation throughout the Bay Area community and attracts visitors from out-of-state.  Offered during two days in May, Kitchen Tour guests view remodeled/designer kitchens as well as general family living areas and gardens in seven homes.  A special luncheon is also available along with decorating demonstrations and food tastings.  For further information about the Kitchen Tour or advertising opportunities please call 368-3345.

   County Mental Health Services
   City CDBG/HUD Funds
   HOPW A/Ryan White
   United Way
   Foundations/Contributions/Investment Income
   Program Fees and Rents


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