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Housing Assistance Program for People with HIV/AIDS

2686 Spring St.
Redwood City, CA 94063
Home and hospital visits can be arranged, when needed.

Case management and help paying for emergency housing, long-term housing and utilities.  Referrals are made to other agencies and programs for services not provided by the Housing and Client Assistance Program.

Phone: (650) 368-9989

San Mateo County residents who can verify a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS for themselves or a minor child who lives with them for whom they are a parent or legal guardian.  (MHA can help applicants obtain verification of their diagnosis.)  Recipients need to verify a household income below Federal Income limits, be able to demonstrate a financial need, and be willing to work with a case manager to stabilize their housing situations.

Length of Assistance:
Length of assistance varies depending on need.  Priority for long-term assistance (with Ryan White funds) is families with children, people waiting for income (benefits), and people too ill to move or get a roommate who are unable to pay their rend without help.  Maximum length of assistance for HOPWA recipients (people who don't meet the above requirements) is set by the Federal government and depends on need.  The program is funded on an annual basis; people who reach the limit of services available in one year may reapply the next.  Each year begins July 1.

Referral Process:
Call the Housing and Client Assistance Program for information and to make an appointment for an interview.