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Peer Counselors


Arlene Aquino, Director of Programs and Kim Aspelund, Occupational Therapist.

Work Hours:

A minimum of 4 hours per week for 3 months.  Some evening and weekend work may be requested.

Work Schedule:

Peer counselors and Supervisor(s) will determine a schedule.

Work Location:

Travel to programs and services throughout San Mateo County is required.  Peer Counselors must make their own transportation arrangements to and from work sites.


If you are sick and cannot work, call Arlene Aquino at 368-3345.  A message may be left on the answering machine after office hours.

Time Cards:

Peer counselors will be responsible for holding, completing, and submitting time sheets each month for hours worked.  Time sheets may be mailed or submitted in person on the last day worked of each month to the Mental Health Association office at 2686 Spring St., Redwood City 94063.

Travel reimbursement:

Not provided.


Attendance at training sessions are recommended.  Training will take place during the first 4-6 weeks of employment or as needed and will be considered as hours worked.


As a representative of the CHRIS program, Peer Counselors must present the most positive image possible.  Clean and appropriate attire as well as good personal hygiene practices are required.  Inappropriate hygiene/attire my be cause for termination.


Attend all orientation and training sessions.  

Develop and maintain professional relationships with mental health consumers served.

Become knowledgeable about community resources.

Increase knowledge about mental health services in San Mateo County.

Keep appointments as scheduled or requested.

Keep all information about mental health consumers confidential.

Update supervisors(s) about status of clients.

Maintain legible records and progress noted as requested.

Refrain from using illegal drugs and/or drinking alcohol before work or while on the job.


For more information regarding wages, contact Arlene Aquino at the phone number above.