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CHRIS Program

The Community Housing Rehabilitation Independent Skills (CHRIS) Program was developed to enhance and strengthen the living and coping skills of persons with mental illnesses who are either living in their own apartments or are striving to become more independent by moving from assisted living to independent living.

A licensed Occupational Therapist along with Peer Counselors and Occupational Therapy interns make up the mobile team that helps to provide on-going skill building and emotional support to program participants based on individual needs and interests.

Referral Process:
First priority will be given to SB 155 and Shelter Plus Care residents as well as those individuals who are not currently being served in social rehabilitation programs.

Interested consumers should complete the CHRIS program sign-up form and request that their case manager or therapist submit a referral form on their behalf.  Please call to obtain forms.

Services Provided:
Whenever possible, the occupational therapist will schedule an initial home visit with program participants.  Goals will be established addressing the unique needs of each individual based on identifying daily activities clients want to do, need to do, or are expected to do in a typical day.  In consultation with the occupational therapist, peer counselor "Community Friend" and/or Occupational Therapy interns help CHRIS Program participants accomplish goals, through home visits, phone calls, exposure to community resources, and social activities which may or may not take place during regular business hours.

Phone: (650) 368-3345