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YAIL Program

The Young Adult Independent Living (YAIL) Program, is meeting the needs of young adults with mental illnesses, ages 18-22 in San Mateo, through finding supported housing, education and employment.  YAIL participants either reside at the program site in Redwood City, live with family, have their own off-site apartments, or are involved in traditional adult programs.  Participants and staff work together as a eam to manage symptoms, develop healthy lifestyle choices, and move toward school or employment endeavors.  YAIL also provides a hub for social activities for all transitional youth throughout the county.

YAIL, a joint venture between San Mateo County Mental Health, the Mental Health Association of San Mateo County and CAMINAR, opened in August 1995.


Redwood City.  Off-site locations vary but all are within the San Mateo County area.


Redwood City, 3 two bedroom apartments.  Off-site locations vary.


Only rent and other normal expenditures associated with living in an apartment.


All clients must be ambulatory.  There are stairs into each apartment.  Off-site locations vary.


18 (or emancipated minor) to 22 years old.

Type of Supervision:

24 hour case manage on duty in office.  Off-site-24 hour on-call case manager.

Length of Stay:

6 months to 2 years (dependent on plan for transition to adult program)

Cooking and Household responsibility:
All living situations have full cooking facilities (refrigerators, freezer, stove, oven, etc.) Residents are responsible for shopping, preparing, and cooking their own food.  They are also responsible for upkeep of shared community areas.  There is a washer/dryer on site.

Residents are expected to arrange their own transportation.  There is a van on site for group outings and emergencies only.

Services Provided:
Intensive case management services are provided to all residents on a daily basis and are designed around the individual's stated goals and needs.  Each resident works with a primary case manager and all staff provide supportive counseling services on a 24 hour basis as needed.  Linkage to other services (ie.  medical, dental, psychiatric, vocational, etc.) is also provided (e.g. dual diagnosis groups)

Referral Process:
Individuals determined to have a high need at time of referral are given priority.  Persons interview with staff first and then are encouraged to meet roommates and other YAIL residents prior to accepetance.  All referrals must meet county resource manager's approval.

Family Involvement:
YAIL residents are asked to determine the level of involvement.  It is YAIL philosophy that family members are involved as much as possible with the program and are encouraged to attend CAMINAR'S monthly family nights.

Phone: (650) 367-9610 or (650) 578-8691